A Barber who aligns the outer self with the inner self

A Barber who aligns the outer self with the inner selfA Barber who aligns the outer self with the inner self

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Barber, Spiritual Practitioner, Personal Trainer
  As I look at my life retrospectively, I can say that all things I can identify as today, were dreams once dreamt. I remember I was pushing the age of twelve, attending a salon with my mother when I was lost in a daydream, ‘I think I could love this’. Sure, it wasn’t for another fifteen years until I decided to pursue training and licensure, but today I have spent ten years establishing a professional and personal reputation in Seattle’s Capitol Hill.
 My adolescent phase mentioned held a life that drove and shaped me into who I am today. An impetuous and sensitive teenager evolved into a tumultuous young adult; I did what I wanted, when I wanted. Paired with a proclivity for substances and drive for adrenaline, I was led into crime and incarceration. Thankfully I was rocketed into a fourth dimension of sobriety and pursuit of reinvention through spiritual practice and pilgrimage.  
 Those whom I would call teachers and mentors, the friends in which I would meet and fellowships I would join, allowed me to thrive in the unknown. Soon after, I discovered a love of sharing and teaching, whether it be through spiritual, mental or physical fitness. Twenty-six years after that simple salon inspired daydream, I’ve been gifted opportunities to be more than just a stylist, a trainer and nutrition coach, and even more than a spiritual practitioner. Today, I have the opportunity to connect with and inspire people like you.  


Your Look

Feeling Shaggy? Interviews? Rough Day? Something as simple as a hair cut can set in motion waves of positive energy in your life and just plain feels good.


more of you

Need more? We can dive into fitness goals and nutrition. Fueling and maintaining the vessel for physical can be simple. 

Deeper still? Life Coaching, Spiritual Mentoring and ceremonies are at 

your finger tips, just a few clicks away.

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